About Us

Who we are?

  • We are a Apparel buying agent based in Dhaka Bangladesh.
  • We are one of the committed garments supplier/vendor in Bangladesh
  • We have a large production capacity in KNIT, WOVEN & SWEATER.
  • We handled with so many reputed retailers and importers from all over Europe, US & Canada.

We take care on the following :-

  • Quick Response
  • Competitive Price
  • In Time Delivery
  • Quality in every Stitch

Company details
25 +
Private Limited
Yearly Turnover
$ 5.5M
Main Market
USA & Canada
Exported to
(thru importer)
K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Sears, Zellers, West Fair, ALDI, US Army, Rose Stores, Meijer, Peebles, Giant Tiger, Disney, Pacific Trial,

Management & Technical Facilities :

Production Units :
Our production units are fully composite and compliance in order to maintain quality goods & to ensure schedule shipments.

Support :
Ø  We have very good source of fabric in Hong Kong, China, India, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand & Korea.
Ø  We are using local & imported yarn suppliers for Knit and Sweaters items.

*       We strongly believe that we will be able to be one of your reliable supplier/vendor.
*       We provide samples as per specification from our valued buyer.
*       For any query please just let us know, we will respond gladly and rapidly.

ü  From you, we need an opportunity just.